Kilili recognized nationally for work on food security

Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan has been recognized for his work on legislation that helps people have enough to eat. Food Policy Action, an organization of national food policy leaders, awarded Sablan with a perfect 100% on its scorecard for the 113th Congress. Only 53 House Members received the top score. The National Food Policy Scorecard is intended to give voters the information they need to “vote with their forks” and elect more food policy leaders across the country.

Kilili re-election endorsed by Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Leadership PAC

Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan has received the re-election endorsement of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Leadership PAC. Congresswoman Judy Chu (D–California), Chairman of the Caucus, congratulated Sablan in the endorsement letter as being “the candidate best suited to promote and protect the civil and political rights of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community for the Northern Mariana Islands.”

Kilili: ‘Let us all pray for Joe Salas and his family’

Congressman Sablan will not attend Thursday night's Delegate Forum sponsored by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, because his opponent will not be there. “I understand my opponent’s decision not to participate. And I feel it would not be respectful to sit alone on the stage answering questions, if he is not present because he is searching for his brother.”

Congressman Sablan continued to urge the community's prayers for the safe return of Joe Salas. “I understand from people in Boise that there is an intensive search underway and that the large Chamorro community there is supporting that effort in every way they can. I just saw Joe at the annual softball tournament in Portland, so I know how big the community is and how well organized. That gives me hope," Kilili said.

Let us pray for the safe return of Joe Salas

Joe Salas, the brother of my opponent, is reported missing on a hunting trip in the Idaho wilderness. I met up with Joe just a few weeks ago at the Portland softball games. So I was shocked when I heard the news. Joe is an experienced hunter and we pray that searchers will locate Joe and bring him home to his wife Cathy and their family.

Andrea and I, and I know many others in our communities, are praying for Joe’s safe return. And we know that our close-knit Commonwealth community in Idaho is there providing solace for Cathy and their children.

Kilili: Chasing away Cape Air will be bad for CNMI

While admitting that he himself is frustrated with the service Cape Air is providing to the people of the CNMI, Delegate Gregorio Kilili C. Sablan (Ind-MP) nonetheless said that life without the embattled interisland carrier would leave in the Commonwealth in even worse straits. “We have to be careful about chasing away Cape Air and United [Airlines]. Because Rota is in the United Airlines’ reservation system, passengers anywhere in the world can see that Rota is a destination and can book a flight." Otherwise, potential tourists would "find it much more difficult to buy a ticket online and that would be a blow to Rota’s economy,” Sablan said.

Kilili: Delegates want fair treatment for insular areas under Affordable Care Act

Kilili said his ultimate goal is “to get federal subsidies in the Northern Marianas for individuals and families who buy insurance on their own and for employers who buy insurance for their workers.” Until then, he added, “insurers should not have to pay the fee. Or the U.S. Treasury should return the money to insular governments to offset the cost of insurance, support local hospitals, or otherwise improve health care.”

Officials celebrate native culture, CNMI as melting pot

Delegate Gregorio Kilili C. Sablan (Ind-Saipan) championed the preservation of the CNMI’s Chamorro and Carolinian cultures in his message to the community. “From the freedom of expression we all feel when speaking our indigenous language, to the great strength we all find in our family ties, our Commonwealth culture remains central to our lives today and every day. I wish everyone the best on Commonwealth Cultural Day and urge us all to respect and preserve our unique and ancient heritage.”

Kilili says no to divert airfield on Saipan

U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan remains opposed to the idea of having a divert airfield on Saipan and has passed legislation preventing any spending until the Air Force demonstrates to Congress that all alternatives have been fully considered. Congress has also required the Air Force to negotiate with the Commonwealth Governor on a mutually acceptable site.

Kilili says replacement ATM for Rota coming

“The ATM situation is not really a federal issue," Sablan said. "But, of course, I was concerned, so I contacted the Bank of Guam. I understand that they tried to fix the machine, but it is too water-damaged by the typhoon. So the bank has positioned a replacement unit here on Saipan and they are just waiting for the weather to break so it can be shipped to Rota."
Sablan said he thinks about the difficulties of life on Rota all the time and what he can do as a delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives to make life better for people there. “That’s why I worked so hard to get food stamp benefits raised for Rota—by 62 percent—because food is so expensive. That’s why I continue to work on legislation that could lead to a Rota National Park, because we have to provide a permanent and solid basis for Rota’s economy. And I strongly feel that Rota has a great potential for ecotourism.”

Youth group backs Kilili

The members of Maximum Impact Leading Excellence CNMI, a group of young, including first-time, voters, are endorsing the candidacy of U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan.